Without doubts the recent period of crisis has changed the present landscape of real estate development: changes in demand (more solvent and informed), changes in the attitude of the financial institutions (more cautious in financing) etc. which has led to a change in the business of property development.

Thus, from the part of ICR PROJECT MANAGER, we take into account very much when starting a promotion focusing on the real needs of buyers, trying to understand the demand and building for it the best houses and controlling long periods of promotion and the costs of the process in order to obtain a benefit that is, above all, reasonable.

Therefore, we are very clear about the system can no longer be understood as a compulsive buying of land by depositing the margin in the management and transformation of it if not focusing on making a modern and efficient promoter activity and implement optimum construction (benchmark activity in our company).

Finally, we do not want to forget to mention that all this above is useless if we do not apply to this business area the base of all an every movement, which is none other than transparency, providing high ethical and behavioural values with our buyers.

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