From ICR PROJECT MANAGER getting a first-hand look we know what it means to be a PROJECT MANAGER in all its magnitude, thus assuming full responsibility for the planning and successful implementation of any project.

There are already several projects that have been entrusted to perform this task: two car parks totaling more than 1,000 places and a wind farm of 10 MW in Romania.

We know that this function requires a combination of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques that lead to solve the various problems, in many cases anticipating to minimise the risks that may directly affect the chances of project success, taking for it all the necessary decisions.

From ICR PROJECT MANAGER we are aware of the fact that in order to achieve success in a project and thus meet the expectations of customers, not only a job planning, development and control of the project are necessary, but also it is always needed to act in a transparent manner for the benefit of all the involved parties.

We have the necessary resources to involve all those specialists needed as occasion demands, having the respect for all of them as far as decision making is concerned, in many cases, difficult.

We can say, from the experience already accumulated, that we have the capacity of ample management and organization, communication skills and leadership, negotiation and conflict management, as Project Manager, we are ready to assume overall responsibility for any project and its management throughout the lifecycle of such, from its beginning to the end.

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